Our Story

We have been in the community since 1899 when we built the church under the pastorate of Rev. George Perry. The cost then was $750 and it was dedicated on Oct. 8th, 1899. Under the pastorate of Rev. Charles Barnhart in 1951, 2 rooms and large basement were added at a cost of $9,000, dedicated on June 10, 1951. Under the pastorate of Rev. Francis Kurtansky a 15ft side addition was added consisting of 6 convertible rooms, study, enlarge nursery, foyer, 3 baths, aluminum siding and brick, at a cost of $50,000, dedicated on May 17th, 1970. Since then we had added an Annx building, Handicap ramps and bathroom and a fellowship building with a gym, 2 baths w/showers, kitchen, stage and 2 classrooms.

Times have changed since 1899 and so have the cost of doing things. One thing that will always be is that we are called to go out and spread the good news of the gospel. Therefore, go and make disciples, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, Matthew 28:19 NLT