What to Expect

While noticeably different in décor, at both our worship venues (Main campus or Downtown) we expect and welcome guests to join us ‘as you are.’ We don’t gather together to impress one another. Rather we enter into His house of worship focusing on His greatness, not our own. Our church family consists of people of all walks and stages of life and various levels of spiritual knowledge. All are truly welcomed and invited to ‘be with us.’

We also don’t worry about the insignificant elements of life. You can wear whatever clothing makes you comfortable. Some people wear a suit and tie. While others come in a tee shirt and a pair of shorts. The emphasis that matters most is that we all come prepared to seek and worship the one and only true God, as He alone should be worshiped!

You can check out either worship service before you come to visit with us by visiting our archived message page.